it's vintage, baby

My wardrobe does not brim with vintage pieces. For two reasons. Because my style is not exactly what would fall into vintage definition. Because what I appreciate about clothes is simplicity and minimalistic approach so hard to find in vintage clothing.

But my attitude towards all these vintage lovers is full of admiration and respect rather than indifference. Well, vintage is a tough cookie. It requires the awareness of what you’re wearing and how you make it work. It requires an eye for quality to avoid looking like an old-fashioned, sloppy type. It requires passion and understanding of the past.

Vintage can be even tougher, if you want to make it contemporary. How to mix things up without ending up  with a grotesque look? Where lays the desirable link between timelessness and modernity? As you probably notice, these are rhetorical question, which mean I will not be able to give you an answer.

That is why I love all these people taking the vintage challenge. And by vintage I do not constrain it to Rokit or Beyond Retro basement shops.  What I have in my mind are these tireless Brick Lane or second-hand outlets’ raiders, capable of spotting a truly amazing piece in a stack of Marks&Spencer oversized tees and unbranded, creepy men’s shirts.

Now, I truly want to know more about vintage. Not to transform my personal style which I’m eventually getting satisfied with (hurray), but to be able to talk about it and talk wisely.  I’m just at the mere start of exploring its world, but I bet it is worth it. Fashion is always worth it. Well, learning is always worth it. How wise that sounds?

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