remember where you come from and it will save your life

When I see a change coming, a landscape in transition, an aspiration obliterating my mind, I forget that the only things I should ever possess need to be true of me.

I want things I am shown. I constantly compare, not materially, but subjectively – the value of my life.  What do I want, why do I want it. Where do I come from, what do I have. Could I have it if my life has been otherwise. I have so much. I have my own memory, my visions and things I’ve seen and the person next to me on this crazy train has its own. It is beautiful to perceive the life through my  clouded mind, it’s been given to me for something and it’s special, so great.  I have the sensibility of a kid and a love for things grey, that’s what I’ve seen in the place I come from. It’s not a conformism to seek similarities when you come into adult reality. Life is here, I am life.

Man’s a never-finished form as Hesse claimed. He was so right. 

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