what makes me happy at times

a feeling of being rebellious/writing when the words come my way/harnessing fears/small coffees/sparkling drinks/croissants/and chocolate/croissants with chocolate/and almonds too/vinyl shopping/buying books and arranging them on shelves/remembering things/discovering new authors/coming across quotes I relate to/buying postcards/prosecco/travelling/hotels with pools/holding hands/cold showers on hot days/rain seen from the window/creating imaginary soundtracks/narrow streets of small mediterranean towns/when the plane prepares for landing and you know you will reach the destination soon/rooftops/hanging around until the sun comes up/sunsets/saying that i cannot do something but finally doing it and feeling secretly proud/industrial landscapes/paris/ordering a bottle of wine in a restaurant/cheese with cassis jam/watching french films/jazz/funk/rock/indie/electro/almost any type of music as long as it's good/almost any type of live music as long as it comes from the heart/first days of summer/wrapping christmas gifts/planning how i will spend money in the future/buying flowers/small vases/beautiful ceramics/people who make an effort to truly discover your mind/floating on the sea while the sun shines into your face/sleeping with windows open/the evenings when you know you're so tired you'll fall asleep the second your head touches the pillow/watching lost in translation for a thousand time/and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind/the lyrics of james taylor/romantic gestures/realising you are quite old-fashioned at heart/the jokes of mac demarco/being alone when you need it/cycling at dusk/forests/perfumes with intriguing smells/whole days planned with mom/true friendships/hard work/people who can listen/projecting the future/walking down the street listening to music and imagining you are playing in the movie/dancing and forgetting oneself/eating ice cubes/nutella/speaking french/collecting magazines/reading at cafes/reading on the metro/reassuring moments when you realise no one is really normal/curiosity/meeting with friends on fridays after work/vintage shopping/floral patterns/summer dresses/challenges/dreams/starting new things/the fact that the future is unknown/smiling to oneself when remembering something nice/snow/playing scrabble/when you realise all previous experiences led you exactly to the point you are now and nothings was a coincidence/instagramming pictures of beautiful places/coming back home after a long time/the moment at the airport just before crossing the arrival gates when you know you are about to see your family/people with sense of humour/trusting myself/candles/making fashion investments/driving the car at night/receiving letters/spontaneity/making lists

PS In comparisoin to compiling a 'what makes me sad at times' list, this one was way much easier to do. Does it mean I am happy?

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