on silence

Sometimes I realize the blessing that comes with silence. It is a choice, but not an ultimate one. I feel people always prefer to speak. But speech is tiring and abundant, missing the point, it is just a medium to reassure oneself - I am eloquent, I have opinions.

The people I really enjoy listening to remain quiet and need to be confronted with a direct question. Is it that they treasure their view so much, is it because of fear? I believe what they have to say derivesfrom observation, acuteness, intelligence. Who dares to speak before making an attempt to see a full, wide spectre?

I learn how to catch those moments, when I know my opinion is not exactly the most comprehensive one and I’d rather refrain from talking. At first I think - how little do I know, how little do I understand. Then I translate my pessimism into a more optimistic conclusion - I am soaking things in, I am learning. I notice it builds up an aura of respect around you - it is a silent admission of own weakness, which never comes easy. Once we are ready to show it outside, we can see the world shrinking into a small ball of hasty judgements, while we keep the time to make up our minds and eventually, stand for something we are thoroughly aware of.

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