on reaching beautiful ends

Definitions of fulfillment may vary. We may think of career, family, relationships or any other ambitions that at some point seem complete. This is exactly when living in the current moment counts.

Sometimes, the most difficult thing is to grasp the fullness. It’s not that you're letting your dreams go, it’s not that you’re getting easily satisfied. It’s about reaching a certain end, where one can confess - I made it and I'm enjoying it. Permanent dissatisfaction can never lead  to higher ends. The most beautiful versions of ourselves can only occur if we let the happen. They're always there waiting.

I do well know that perfection can be temporary. Life changes and imposes different circumstances, turbulence can be hurtful. Still, once we’ve recognised the state we’d call an ideal, once we cherished it, we will always find a dose of motivation to find it again.

Beautiful ends always lead to beautiful beginnings.

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