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Style is… I think every single fashion-lover would  finish this sentence in his own way.  Style can be about clothes or attitudes. I talk to two 20-year-old freshmen about how they see it without thousands of pounds to spend on designer’s pieces and too much in love with second-hands to give up their sweatshirts  for cashmere sweaters.

Doma studies international relations and wants to stand out at her uni. In a positive way of course. She does not necessarily associate style with Audrey Hepburn or Twiggy. She defines it as consciousness and lifestyle to be complete. It must be integral. Thus when she enters the tube she can discern this person right away.
She dubs her style as ‘casual hipster’, striving for a balance between comfort and being noticeable.  Her fashion major rule is ‘three-colours outfit’,as she thinks any more patterns or hues will destroy it. Her apparel base are socks which let her complete the rest of it. Well, no surprise then her collection includes all types of them with fox, deer or tigers prints.

Kuba may seem a nerdy type with enthusiasm for his biology studies, but his wardrobe is far from the dull one. He associates style with composition and Lana del Rey’s 50’s  inspired image and music videos. He admits he has been through a tough ‘fashion time’ recently, as his personal style was in a state of considerable change. It may be due to his weight-loss and resignation from wearing tees with tacky prints. Kuba opts for street -like and comfy clothes. Vans and ‘Fruit of the Loom’  raglan sweatshirts are his religion.

Why is fashion important for them? Doma does not hesitate to say, no matter how harsh it may sound, it allows her to select people she is sticking up with in the belief she may find like-minded friends. On the other side, there is also the sweet pleasure of creating an outfit people will think mean she’s living a cool life, despite it may be really badly screwed. It is just satisfying.  And what about Kuba? He just wants people to see him. They may like or hate the way he dresses but it is just about making people aware how much fun fashion can be. Especially at uni, where the majority of style-unaware students keeps going for winter polar hoodies and trekking shoes.

Doma wants her style to evolve into more girly with investing in purple colour garments, chiffon skirt and dyeing pale-pink highlights. Kuba claims he will be on the quest of more skate style as a fullcap is on the top of his must-have list. But no matter how it changes, the way they define style shouldn’t change. At least for now, when all they want is to have fun. With clothes and with life.

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