'fashion is not as cool as you think, girl' wtf

A styling course seemed like a great idea. It turned out fine. It made me aware of what fashion can be.

Preparing a shoot? Sounds amazing. And it is. Grabbing around for clothes and making them work, pushing own boundaries, leaving your safety-zone and taking fashion risks was what I needed. I may not have pulled it all off. I may not have revolutionized the styling industry yet. But the only aspect that made this course a tough one was to observe that the average fashion industry persona is not a happy one.

I thought it is all too inspiring to grasp – styling, moodboard preparation, visiting PRs, writing. But whenever some speaker came to the session, he made me feel sad. The photographer on the shoot was sad. The model was sad. The studio was sad. No one felt any spark or excitement for this small fashion project. Everyone living it as a routine task, because that’s probably what this really was.

Anytime someone says fashion, I do not conjure up anything dull. I see great things, great ideas, great sources. But it turns out it’s hard to get them, so you can end up as a poor stylist doing tiny, uninspiring projects or as a contributor to a fashion bi-annual no one cares about. Even while typing these words, the excitement slowly vanishes and probably  once I finish this sentence I will stop writing for at least a month.

But I won’t do that for one reason. I still feel this unidentified stimulant that makes me excited about what fashion can bring. If this blog somehow survives my ups-and-downs and I will continue to care, it may turn out that in the next two or three years I will go back to this post and laugh at my passion and naivety. Now, when it is still out there, I want to believe what awaits me will be amazing and constantly inspiring. That’ s what I wish for, for me and for all of fashion buffs-to-be and buffs-to-revive-again. 

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