Hi Warsaw,

I’m leaving you because I have to and because I want to. You are such a sad place for me. I struggled to think the other way. I can’t. I’m sorry.

You’re the contrast. The contrast of new and the old. The contrast of people who get on the tube with their iphones and those without a ticket. I don’t know where all of them come from, but they’re so different. It’s confusing, because you I’ve never been sure if I fit in here.

And when I walked down your streets I felt nothing is working. A Louis Vuitton shop next to KFC. Another contrast emerged. I could not make up my mind.

And although your culture is great, theatres, cinemas I’ve been to, I feel it’s the only thing that can be your defense. You seem to keep searching for your identity still. There are foreigners that come here for cheap fun. There are locals that seem so posh and confident although the only place they gather is French hip bar Charlotte.

I’m not coming back in the imminent future. But I will one day. To see how I feel after a break. After you change. After I change.

Take care,


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