is the the current moment what really counts

I want to be fully consumed by things happening right in front of my eyes, but somehow, all I can bear in my mind is what’s yet to come or things already lived. Why can I never think how sweet it is to be in this hour?

It’s about observation first, then comes the appreciation. To be rooted in the current moment allows to learn and is just another opportunity to taste trivial happiness. Our idea of presence is distorted, as the contemporary perception of time is so future-focused. Alternatively, we can reassess our positions via the past prism. How to achieve the perfection, the fragility that will make us shake with excitement for the touch of hand we feel in this exact second, for the crystal shades of the skies we get to see walking home in the dusk?

Days can last so long, but when I try to forget the passage of time, I rejoice them more. When activity consumes all the subconscious, we are doing things now, on spot, we listen to conversations with interest and we respond with honesty. When we look into someone’s eyes and we see every little detail of the face and expression, letting us truly embrace the uniqueness of people we are surrounded by. When we don’t necessarily judge, but elicit maximum tolerance to appreciate the diversity and yet, appreciate our own way of thinking. I guess the current moment counts a lot and it is the only time when crucial things occur.  Future will always come and past is always a dragging memory. Let it be cup of coffee in your hand, let it be a ride on a train, let it be a conversation. The future and the past will never exist without what’s just now.

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