the story of a glove by max klinger

Woman drops a glove and the man picks it from the ground. That's the moment when it becomes a fetishized object, a spark for surreal hallucinations and imaginings.

Max Klinger, a symbolist, has created a series of etchings that let the glove live a life of its own. It is a life of fantasy and dream, where everything is elusive and fleeting, such as the sights we catch or our constant pondering. The glove turns into an attribute, haunting, tormenting the man, eliciting visions, illusions, carrying his mind into an outlandish spaces and worlds. You can't live a real life when emotions are deceived.

Our ways of interpretation of the glove are boundless. The dreaming continues. There are fantasies we want to live in. 
And Klinger, he closes the series. Later on, an asteroid will be named after him to commemorate the  talent, art, the universe.

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